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Innovative Communication Trends

Innovative Communication Trends : Brands and YouTube

That is the analysis today : brands seem to be not yet fallen under the spell of site YouTube. Indeed, it is still rarely taken into account by the brands in their marketing strategy. Why ? One wonders why, because beyond its impressive track record, this string is a real opportunity to effectively reach its target and improve innovative communication trends.

As a reminder, YouTube is the third most visited website in the world, a free service in 56 countries and 61 languages, more than 3 billion videos viewed per day, more than 50% of rated or commented videos by users, 1 billion registered on YouTube in May 2014, the second search engine used in the world after Google and so on.

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Other interesting information : these are users aged 18-24 years who are currently the largest consumers of the website because 83% of them go on YouTube at least once a month. But the other age groups are not left behind as 58% of Internet users aged 40-44 years and 45% aged 55-59 also visit YouTube each month.

Thus, through video-sharing website created in February 2005, marketers of concerned brands could affect all ages. But strangely, when Forrester Research (an independant technology and market research company from the United States) leads his little investigation there two months, only 49% of 395 marketers polled indicate YouTube include in their advertising strategy.

YouTube is full of resources, and advertising is far from being the only way for brands to be impactful. Thus, 16% of American adults who viewed the video website in 2013 used this platform to learn how to use a product by watching videos, 8% have researched a product or service by watching a video, 7% sought more information about a product or service seen in a video and 5% considered purchase.

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Facebook and advertising « Boot Camp » for smaller advertisers


Facebook and advertising "Boot Camp" for smaller advertisers - Innovative Communication Trends

Facebook, along with partners like Square, Intuit QuickBooks, and LegalZoom, is planning a five-stop event tour the company calls Facebook Fit, a series of « boot camp-style events designed to help SMBs achieve business success », Facebook wrote in a blog post the sixth of May.

Facebook stops planned in five major U.S. markets, and expects 500 to 700 participants at each event, according to Dan Levy, Facebook’s director of small business. The events are intended for both existing and potential advertisers, and Levy tells Mashable that the specific content may be determined by which companies sign up.

Innovative Communication Trends : Brands love Twitter

The idea for a boot camp came as a result of Facebook’s Small Business Council. a collection of a dozen advertisers who met at the company’s Menlo Park, California, headquarters a few months back. Facebook found that many of the council members were sharing advertising insights with other SMBs, and Facebook wasn’t supporting them in the process.

Facebook has more than one million advertisers, the majority of which are small businesses. Despite the high number of advertisers, however, there is still a lot of room for growth. Facebook has more than 25 million SMBs with active Facebook pages, meaning roughly 4% are actually advertising. That’s a lot of untapped revenue potential and a good opportunity to develop innovative communication trends with professionals.

It’s logical to imagine marketers will advertise more aggressively with Facebook if they understand how the platform works, so a five city tour is a small price to pay if it puts a portion of Facebook’s advertising community at ease.

Brands love Twitter

Twitter Social Media

Brands love Twitter

Trademarks are 40% to consider Twitter as an effective marketing tool and as an innovative communication trend. Indeed, a study conducted by the Social Media Marketing University (SMMU) also reveals that the powers attributed to him are high : 79.4% of them use it to increase their visibility and a third hopes to increase its sales thanks to digital business. Furthermore, the use of Twitter is also a great vector in relationship marketing initiatives : 62.4% of the brands use the network to create exchanges with consumers and commitment around events. So, Twitter is an incredible way for innovative communication trends with brands.

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How use trends and innovative communication of Twitter to promote its brand ?

Innovative communication trends on Twitter

How use trends and innovative communication of Twitter to promote its brand ?

Twitter becomes a tool more and more powerful for brands and businesses. Practices have rapidly professionalized and openness to advertising offers new opportunities in the innovative communication trends.

But Twitter is primarily a tool for exchange and discussion. The best way to integrate for brands is to participate in these discussions and in innovative trends.

Obviously, a brand can’t talk about any topic . But some trends (trending topics) may correspond to an activity or product that the brand offers. Some of these topics may even be part of a strategy of “Brand Content”.

For instance, the Twitter of Oasis (@oasisbefruit) has integrated very well the principle stated above. The Oasis strategy on Twitter (which I recall only sells fruit drinks) is based on a humorous tone with editorial puns on the name of the fruit. He regularly serves most popular twitter hashtags allowing brand often back in good position in the tops tweets trend.

This innovative communication trend has also success on Facebook. Twitter can be an excellent communication tool for brands. However, it should involve the necessary resources. In the case of Oasis, it’s a one day at a time requires great responsiveness from the Community Manager to position quickly on the positive trends and communication weapons.

Instagram, the innovative communication trend to share photos

Instagram, the innovative communication trend to share photos

innovative communication and Social media in the world

Instagram, the innovative communication trend to share photos

Instagram is an application and a service for sharing photos and videos available on mobile platforms iOS, Android and Windows Phone category.

Instagram was created by Kevin Systrom of San Francisco and the Brazilian Michel Mike Krieger and launched in October 2010 this innovative communication trend for youngers.

It is a means of communication innovative because it allows you to share these photos with friends retouched with these filters. This is an innovation in the world of media.

This application lets you share pictures and videos with its network of friends, rate and comment on the pictures posted by other users. Applications like Instagram contribute to practice photography with a mobile phone. so this is incontestably a new innovative means of communication.

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Image de prévisualisation YouTube

The top 7 Social Media marketing on innovative communication trends in 2014 (2/2)

An article from Forbes : The Top 7 Social Media Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2014

innovative communication trends 2014

The top 7 Social Media marketing on innovative communication trends in 2014 (2/2)

5. Foursquare Will Decline Sharply

With stale traffic numbers, and significant difficulties raising capital in 2013, Foursquare continues to struggle its way towards 2014.

With other social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter offering location-based features, it seems like only a matter of time before Foursquare folds and their users are absorbed into these other networks.

6. MySpace, Love it or Hate it, Will Grow

With their radical makeover and re-branding efforts earlier this year, MySpace appears to be getting its second wind. Offering an iPhone app that allows users to network, receive private messages, and listen to their own personalized radio station, MySpace seems to be on track for growth in 2014. Enough to be part of the innovative communication trends next year ?

I don’t see MySpace ever again competing in the same space as Facebook or Twitter, but it will be interesting to see how the network grows among bands and music-lovers.

Video : MadCom | Innovative Communication Trends

7. LinkedIn Will Become a Major Player for B2B Business Growth

Still holding steady as the #1 social networking site in innovative communication trends for professionals with 238 million users, LinkedIn isn’t just sitting on its heels. With the launch of its Influencers program, LinkedIn is positioning itself as not only another networking site, but as one of the largest sources of content creation and curation for professionals.

As it grows and attracts even more users, the advantages of being “linked in” will become enormous for B2B marketers. For a guide on how to use LinkedIn for marketing, see my article “The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn Marketing.”

Final Thoughts

Facebook and Twitter show no signs of imminent decline, but it will be interesting to see how they innovate to keep up with the growth of Google+ as well as image and video-based networks.

With social media behemoth Facebook turning 10 in 2014 (has it really been that long?), they’ll continue to focus efforts on mobile, and on offering advertisers opportunities to better target their ads. And while Twitter continues to be the golden child amongst B2B marketers, I’m curious to see if and how the rise of Google+ will impact its market share.

While most business owners are aware of the necessity of having a social media strategy, I believe 2014 will be the year where a majority will finally understand the necessity to commit the necessary time and resources to their social media efforts. I’m excited to see which up-and-coming networks grab a share of the market, and which have already run their course. If you’re a business owner looking to build your social media presence, I recommend this article: “How to Determine Which Social Media Network Fits Your Business.”

Which social networking sites do you think we should be watching ? Response of MadCom : Social networking with the best contents of innovative communication trends !

The first part : The top 7 Social Media marketing on innovative communication trends in 2014 (1/2)

The top 7 Social Media marketing on innovative communication trends in 2014 (1/2)

An article from ForbesThe Top 7 Social Media Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2014

innovative communication trends 2014

The top 7 Social Media marketing on innovative communication trends in 2014 (1/2)

With new social networking platforms appearing from behind every corner, it can be hard to know exactly where to commit your time and resources. And as we move into the latter-half of 2013, it’s important to look ahead to where social networking is going, and how we can get on board.

As I think about the trends in social media so far this year, I’ve compiled a list of my predictions as to where we’re headed as we inch towards 2014.

1. Investment in Social Media Will Become a Necessity, Not a Luxury

While I’d argue that investing time and resources into a social media strategy is most definitely a necessity in 2013, I believe the tipping point in public sentiment from ‘should have’ to ‘must have’ will occur in 2014.

Businesses are already coming to terms with the need to integrate their social media efforts and innovative communication trends with their content strategy, and are seeing the impact of social media in terms of lead generation, referral traffic, and revenue.

As businesses see these very real and measurable benefits, I believe we’ll see a move away from assigning social media tasks to existing employees, and see even more companies hiring social media strategists or full-time social media managers.

The benefits of social media are many, but they include:

  • Improved social signals (which are a factor in the search ranking algorithm).
  • Company branding
  • Improved brand awareness
  • Word-of-mouth advertising
  • Increased customer loyalty and trust
  • Improved audience reach and influence
  • Created innovative communication trends

Social media is also one of the three pillars of SEO.

Video : MadCom | Innovative Communication Trends

Image de prévisualisation YouTube

2. Google+ Will Become a Major Factor

While Facebook FB +1.68% continues to lead the pack in terms of number of active monthly users (1.15 billion at last count), Google+ is quickly gaining steam, and in fact, now has the second highest number of monthly users (343 million).

With Google using the platform to collect personal information (think demographics, location, etc.), Google+ should no longer be thought of as ‘just’ another social network. It’s increasingly proving itself to be an integral part of Google’s grand scheme in terms of SEO, social signals and providing a more personalized search experience. This is especially apparent with the importance of Google Authorship, which I project will be one of the key components to Google’s search ranking algorithm by the end of 2014.

I believe that businesses who are finding themselves spread thin with their social media efforts will increasingly turn to Google+ as the closest thing we have to a ‘one size fits all’ social network.

As Google+ moves towards even greater integration with other aspects of the web – as they’ve already done with their foray into local search – I think we’ll see its growth skyrocket, both in terms of business and personal use. For information on how to start using Google+, read “How to Breathe Life into Your Google+ Profile.”

3. Image-Centric Networks Will See Huge Success

We’ve seen a consistent innovative communication trend in 2013 toward sharing through image and video, rather than text-based content. Visual content will increasingly become a critical piece of any solid content strategy, and social networking site Pinterest will continue to shed its reputation as a ‘women’s only’ network and become an integral part of retailers’ marketing strategies.

Other image-based social media sites like Slideshare, Tumblr, Path, and Mobli will continue to grow, and businesses will need to become more mindful about the ‘sharability’ factor of photos on their websites and blogs in order to derive significant benefit from their social media content marketing efforts.

4. We’ll Witness the Rise of Micro-Video

It seems that writing 140 characters and taking 3 minute long videos is becoming too tedious for many of us. Micro video to the rescue!

With the emergence of micro video apps like Twitter’s Vine and now Instagram’s video sharing feature, we’re seeing even more movement toward real-time video sharing. And not just any videos; with Instagram allowing 3-15 seconds per video, and Vine allowing precisely 6 seconds, users are even more likely to create and share videos from their smartphones.

It will be interesting to see if and how these bite-sized pieces of content will change the playing field when it comes to video-based social media.

The trends and subjects of communication on Facebook in 2013

The trends and subjects of communication on Facebook in 2013

Your favourite website, MadCom, has finding today a graphic about the innovative trends from this year. A lot of subjects are known by everything. We are sure that you talked about the Pope Francis with your friends and your family.

Skype, the innovative communication trend with webcam

The new Pope is the most talked about topic on Facebook worldwide this year. We can see the apparition of phenomenon like Harlem Shake (fifth), a dance movement very practiced in the sport. For instance, the American‘s NBA superstar LeBron James and his team of Miami Heat realized a video of this funny and strange dance :

Image de prévisualisation YouTube

According to Facebook, Miley Cyrus is the most talked for the personalities. The American is one of the most popular singer for teenagers. Its current rebellious look with his youth in Hannah Montana. International news is privileged and shared by users accentuated by innovative communication trends.

Innovative communication trend

In your opinion, what may be the contenders for trends 2014 ?

Skype, the innovative communication trend with webcam

innovative communication with skype

Skype, the innovative communication trend with video

Skype has just celebrated its tenth years and its 300 millionth installation. In fact, it the video and instant messaging was created in 2003. This free video conferencing software is a symbol of how families use new technologies, in addition to communication in person.

Article : Snapchat, an innovative communication trend

Atlantico Mails, SMS, telephone, videoconferencing… Modern families have at their disposal more means of communication. With Skype, it’s possible to see the the person you are talking and see his moods. It’s not like instant discussion on the traditional social media like Facebook or Twitter.

This is undoubtedly a new innovative means of communication for both families and businesses.

Video : MadCom | Innovative Communication Trends

Image de prévisualisation YouTube

Facebook, the best innovative communication trend in the history ?

Facebook is no doubt in the media of communication with th new trends and the constant strategy of innovative communication trends.

And it is 10 years now the means of communication more innovative than we know. It is now essential for both families and businesses, anybody could really do without it ?

It’s more convenient than the telephone and faster than anything to access to any event in the world.

Video : MadCom | Innovative Communication Trends

Image de prévisualisation YouTube

Facebook is a new communication trend concerning the interaction between people, because Facebook makes it easier to trade even when you are abroad or remote. For instance, when a family is separated, the opportunity to talk with them is a good solution and avoid to lose contact.

MadCom | Innovative Communication Trends (Official Video)

Enjoy your life and the innovative communication trends with MadCom, your favourite website !

Image de prévisualisation YouTube

You need informations about Snapchat ? Here an article to feed your knowledge of the innovative communication trends

Snapchat, a tool for the innovative communication trends

Snapchat allows for the users to send photos that last only for moments but it will be profitable according to the leaders of the social network in vogue.

The widely popular erasable photo messaging app is in the same way than YouTube and Instagram. Now, Snapchat has more funding and a higher valuation than Instagram and YouTube when they were at their lauching. Snapchat may be sold in the future to Facebook or another social network concerned by the recent success of the application created in September 2011.

An other example of innovative communication trend.

The Snapchat’s audience of more than 100 million users along with more than 350 million snaps sent per day is composed of teenagers.

innovative communication trends

Snapchat, a tool for the innovative communication trends

Snapchat is part of a communication trends and a brand new social media trend which have an incredible success. In this technologic and communicative world, the erasable media trend has become a more attractive option for many social media users because they want to keep some privacy.

One of the difficulties in the future could be to include advertising. But the financiers and investors will certainly numerous. And the important number of users allows to Snapchat to create a  new trend of communication and be part of the strategy of innovative communication trends.

YouTube and political movements : an innovative communication trend

Innovative Communication Trends

YouTube and political movements : An innovative communication trend

A serious analysis comparing the use of YouTube by two very different political movements shows how useful this important social media channel can be as a means of innovative communication, both to a broad public and more targeted audiences.

We spend a lot of time to see the innovative trends on YouTube every day and the amount of time spent on a daily basis watching videos on YouTube, Dailymotion and so on is more and more important. It’s become a great communication tool in the world.

As the video-sharing site is free and the audience huge, people can see communication trends like political movements infitrating the platform. They can reach a large number of people through ads, speeches or lip-dubs.

The study is based on a comparative analysis of how two different movements were represented on YouTube : the campaign in favour of ‘Proposition 8’ (a citizens’ drive for an anti-same-sex marriage law) in California; and the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) general social protest movement.

The videos posted by the two sets of campaigners were on average the same length with different objectives. On the one hand, one wanted to bring a gathering of people while the other through a non-innovative trend with a more professional and political discourse.

Social networks and YouTube here can target a wider audience. This makes the idea of ​​communication with people more attractive and innovative. People feel more involved and thus trends are improving. New techniques to prompt buzz through innovative trends are increasingly emerging with YouTube and social networks.

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A future communication trend : Custom timelines on Twitter

The wave of IPO news doesn’t stop Twitter from releasing new features and new trends. Just about ten days ago, the social network announced a handful of updates, most notable among them being custom timelines. There were really a few types of timelines. Now, you’ll have much more control with a custom view.

“You name it, and choose the tweets you want to add to it, either by hand or programmatically using the API…” Twitter explains via its developer blog. “This means that when the conversation around an event or topic takes off on Twitter, you have the opportunity to create a timeline that surfaces what you believe to be the most remarkable, relevant tweets.”

These custom timelines are public – and from the looks of the initial examples, they’re being sold as complementary pieces to TV and Web event coverage to create a new innovative communication with people.

One of the biggest surprises is that Twitter doesn’t kill its music project. “Twitter #music has created new timelines that present the very best tweets from superstars to follow the trends, best songs with tracks you can play right in the tweet, and the best music Vines.”

Twitter and its new way of communication with innovative trends

Twitter and innovative communication trends with this example of custom timeline

The most important here is to juggle the new trends in communication on the social network while maintaining the marketing aspect of innovation. The launch is the product of Twitter’s TweetDeck acquisition, and the option will move slowly to TweetDeck users. This is definitely a power user feature : medias and Web publishers will be able to access on tweets in order to create conversations with a special way of communication to their own content. Think the World Cup, Champions League, The Voice finales, military conflicts, presidential elections, the Olympics : that would be innovative in the way we see communication trends on Twitter through important events.

A new innovative communication trend ?

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Digital Trends in 2013

Image de prévisualisation YouTube

This video discusses the various changes expected in the year 2013. Indeed, video is dated from last year, but we find that these facts are well. The video was made by Capulet, a web marketing agency that promotes remarkable products, services and ideas online and divided into six stages.

The first is « We live in a multi-screen world ». We learn here that people go more often on the Internet with their smartphone than with their computer by 2014. This is certainly the case with the calling plans encouraging them to go online every day while a computer takes longer to access. The innovative trends that are moving to the smartphone.

Then the second step is « Now more than ever, we talk with images ». Capulet takes the example of environmental organizations that publish each about 1000 posts on Facebook. We also see a poster of Surfrider Foundation European dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the worlds oceans, waves and beaches. There was a dead bird and plucked filled plastic objects to expose the plastic pollution. So, communication nowadays is increasingly using images to denounce social, economic or environmental problems.

Innovative Communication


The third part is « Self documentation Reaches new frontiers »Technology and innovative communication trends allow to provide unprecedented positioning information with speed and accuracy.

And what for the fourth part ? « We’ll see more push-button curation, particularly on mobile devices ». It is a business strategy and marketing innovation to lure more consumers and to be more attractive.

The fifth step speaks of « Our online communications channels will continue to get more and more ephemeral ». Multiple media reflect a fleeting buzz with numerous publications, innovations and trends in the world and Social Media like Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and so on.

In closing, we can say that computers are stupids but « Computers know more about you than you think ». There are many statistics and numbers stored on computers to target new trends and desires of consumers. We’re just products of innovative communication trends.

Mini, a new trend of communication

There is one innovate thing that Mini’s company doesn’t forget in his new advertising campaign. It’s an innovate kind of game. In fact there are new rules which never saw before in a communication game.

This take place in Stockholm for the mini’s project « Get away Stockholm ». The aim is to attract the consumer sin think to him that want to sell something.

The intention of this communication is to keep a Mini virtually on iPhone whose really getting around in Stockholm’s street during one week.

Finally this innovate communication allows for the one who find the car on his smartphone, to keep it for him.

It was a real public and media success for Mini which illustrated the power of innovate in communication with new trends.